Who can help me collect reimbursement from my insurance company? 

  • My patients can request reimbursement from their own insurance companies for my services as an out of network provider by contacting their insurance company on their own (free if you do it yourself but it can take time and it can be frustrating). Or.....

  • For those who want help tracking down insurance money, I now offer an envelope for TREASURE VALLEY BILLING SERVICE!! 

  • Leigh Ann of Idaho helps patients collect money from their own insurance company. Patients still have to pay Whole Human Psychiatry at the time of their visit with me, Dr Goldman. However, with Leigh Ann's help, using her self addressed Treasure Valley Billing envelope, and the patient’s $10 check payable to Treasure Valley Billing, collecting insurance reimbursement from your insurance company suddenly got a lot easier!!! 

  • Here's all you do: enclose a photocopy of the front and back of your own insurance card, enclose a print out of the billing statement (I send this to you by email each month - it is called a "Superbill", it is a standard form all insurance companies use), and don’t forget to sign the "release of information" card Leigh Ann provides. Put all these things into the envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and mail it to Leigh Ann. 

  • There are no guarantees that Leigh Ann will get your insurance company to cough up reimbursement money for you, but she is good at what she does. Leigh Ann is an experienced professional biller, so if anybody can get your insurance money back for you, she can do it. 

  • This reimbursement may only cover a portion of the patient’s costs, depending on what type of insurance  they have, and the person who is responsible for paying their bills with me is still the patient. The patient is the person who pays Leigh Ann for her time and skills used in collecting $ from the patient's insurance company. 

  • The person who does the collecting work here is Leigh Ann of Treasure Valley Billing. Not Dr Goldman. I am a psychiatrist, not a biller. This way I get to still focus all my attention on my patients! This makes my work as a psychiatrist joyful for me and my patient gets a happy doctor every time they come in for a visit with me. WE ALL WIN!! 

  • That's why I am so super excited about bringing the professional services of Treasure Valley Billing to my patients at Whole Human Psychiatry!!!!