"Judging by your extraordinary fee it doesn't look like you are interested in doing much about it." - Mrs C

“Part of the problem with the mental health system is the lack of availability to people of limited means. Judging by your extraordinary fee it doesn't look like you are interested in doing much about it." - Mrs C

Dear Mrs C,

I can understand why you may feel this way and I appreciate your openly expressing your views with me. In some cases I do slide my fee, when I believe there is a good fit between the patient and myself, and when I believe that the patient needs the service I offer, even though they cannot afford my full fee. But I do not bargain with people or offer them a lower fee just to get them to come in for the sake of filling my clinic, because to do so would not be congruent with my values.

Dear Doctor Goldman, do you take my XYZ insurance?

Dear Inquiring Patient, 

Thank you for asking this important and highly relevant question. The short answer is NO,  I don’t “take” insurance but YES I will help you bill your own insurance as my services are billable to many insurance plans as an out of network provider. The bottom line is that you pay me when you come in to see me and I take care of you and provide you with a one page billing form so that you can BILL YOUR OWN INSURANCE and then they may or may not reimburse you- ie- pay you back for part (usually not all) of your services with me by SENDING A CHECK TO YOU, not to me! 

If you want to know why I decided to practice psychiatry this way, please read on. 

How to do a Humble Grand Opening for your independent ideal medical clinic.

Whole Human Psychiatry’s Humble Grand Opening happened on March 8 and 9 at Solar Powered Offices in Tucson. It was so much fun and there are still left over cup cakes in the freezer which are making me eat them one at a time every night until they are gone. Now my escaped doctor friends around the country are asking me how I did my humble grand opening....... well......

How old were you when you decided to become a doctor?

My grandfather was a doctor and a grumpy man. He gave my younger brother a microscope and clearly, my brother was his chosen successor. My brother became a Rabbi and I became a social worker. When my daughter was about 3 months old I woke up one morning believing that G-d was telling me it was time to go back to school because I was going to be a doctor to help heal people who were suffering. I told G-d he must be crazy and have me mixed up with someone else. I told him “you know I can’t do Math and Science.” Then G-d told me, “You pushed that baby out with no pain medicine. You can do Math and Science. Now I command you to go to medical school! Its time!”