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Fee for Service

Tele-psychiatry visits; intake or follow up


Initial Visit:

  • 60 minutes:  $550


Follow up visits:

  • 50 minutes: $325

  • 25 minutes: $250



  • No show or cancellation without 24 hour notice: $100. 

  • Prior authorizations minimum fee:  $75.

  • Outside office visit time spent filling out paperwork for third parties, prior authorization requests:  $300/ hour.

  • Emergency phone conversations for refills, etc between visits:  $400/ hour.

  • Expert witness including preparation and travel time, not including travel expenses: $500/hr. 

  • Public speaking, consulting, keynote address: $500/hour excluding travel expenses. For non-profits, this is negotiable.

  • Whole Human Psychiatry is a non-profit corporation. Sponsor a distressed medical student or low income front line health care worker!  Tax-deductible donations are accepted. 

Dr. Goldman, Why don't you take insurance?

Some people are looking for more than a 15 minute drive-by doctor visit for "med checks".  Some are actually ready to take on a multi-dimensional journey toward wellness.  I do not offer an insurance oriented production driven clinic. At Whole Human Psychiatry, I offer a full fledged, evidence based, psychopharmacology and psychotherapy experience, for those who are ready to make this commitment to themselves.

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