One-On-One Psychiatry

  • I provide medication and psychotherapy, not just one or the other. I have both an MSW and an MD and I offer prescribing (I am a licensed medical doctor, board certified psychiatrist in private practice) as well as insight-oriented patient centered, CBT-informed individual psychotherapy. 

  • I am NOT affiliated with ANY hospital, clinic, or other corporation besides Whole Human Psychiatry which is a 501(c)3 non-profit clinic. 


  • I do not take ANY insurance, AHCCCS, Medicare or Medicaid. 


  • My patients pay out of pocket for my services. 


  • The fee for service for a new patient intake appointment, lasting 60 minutes is $550.


  • A follow up visit listing 50 minutes is $325.


  • For established patients who require medication management but who are stable with their current medications, a 25 minute visit may be available, at $250. 


  • I serve adults over 18, who have access to internet for telepsychiatry. 


  • My clinic is pretty full, there is a wait list, and I do not accept patients into my practice unless I believe I can help them. 


  • I don’t prescribe long term benzos (Xanax, Valium) because they are dangerous. 


  • I don’t provide refills outside an office visit.


  • I offer telepsychiatry. No in-person visits.


  • I have no answering service and no office staff.


  • I do not provide 24 hr emergency care, only outpatient psychiatry. 


  • I do not provide “Psychiatric Evaluations” for employers, for court ordered treatment or for disability insurance claims. 


  • For pre-surgical gender affirmation evaluations, these requests are considered on a case by case basis. 

  • My aim is to work with all communities including first generation college students, medical school students, physicians, LGBTQ  people, and Spanish speakers. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment you have received in the past in other standard medical settings, I understand. My practice serves all people regardless of everything above that you could mention. And especially because of these distinctions. 

The focus of this practice is on the following patient concerns:

  • ADHD

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Spectrum Disorders

  • General work/school/life stress


Getting Started

Initial intake visits are an hour or more and focus on your physical and mental health history as well as identifying personal issues you are seeking help for. If we both agree that I can assist you in this mental health journey a, follow-up visit will be scheduled.

Follow up visits are usually 50 or 25 minutes long depending on the intensity of your needs and establishment of our doctor-client relationship. This may include medication management and/or psychotherapy.



Have a virtual session with me at the same rate of service without leaving your home or workplace.


Benefits of Tele-Psychiatry:

  • Can be done anywhere you have a computer with internet access

  • Improved confidentiality - Privacy protected patient portal lets us communicate off the grid

  • Makes psychiatry a more accessible option for busy people - No sitting around in waiting rooms


Wounded Healers Crisis Services

My Whole Human Psychiatry Clinic was founded in 2019 with the primary objective of preventing physician suicide. After I witnessed the death of my noble colleague classmate from medical school (to make a long story short, yes, I believe medical school killed her), I decided that there needs to be a place where doctors and medical students can go, that is independent of their institutions, where their medical record is not subject to administrative review without their consent, and that this S*** just can't happen any more. Tell me if you are a medical student, physician or other healer in crisis, and I will work hard to get you in faster, see you sooner if I can, and I will try to remove obstacles from your path so you can receive the personalized, comprehensive, understanding mental health care that you deserve. NOT ONE MORE DEAD DOCTOR!