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Hi! I’m Dr Goldman. Welcome to Whole Human Psychiatry! I specialize in caring for the needs of smart creative people living with ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar spectrum disorders, and life stressors such as jobs, relationships, divorce and other slaps in the face. I speak Spanish and enjoy helping working adults, students, teachers, janitors, artists, engineers, legal, educational and health care professionals, people of color, gender non-conformists and other unique and interesting people. 

By using current, evidence based psychiatry and asking skillful questions while listening deeply, I help my patients get off their useless or harmful medications. We look at food, sleep, relationships, spirituality and your self-limiting beliefs if you have any. I am careful to prescribe using the safest, least harmful, most effective and most affordable options we can find. What works for some may not work for all, and so we will keep trying until we find your unique combination. People suffer in ways that are unique. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to psychiatry.


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Among the most common mental health mistakes people make are delayed treatment (person needlessly suffers longer than necessary), misdiagnosing and over-prescribing (well-meaning doctors who don’t clearly understand their patients’ needs, putting them on the wrong medicines).  


When well-meaning doctors are in a hurry and don’t have the luxury of spending enough time with their patients, some of the nuances are easy to miss. I believe it’s time to slow down the conveyor belt of health care and take time to listen to patients. I have gotten off the conveyor belt completely and I have plenty of time for my patients. 


My life is joyful. I am here to serve patients with my complete attention.  I partner with patients who are themselves still in charge of their own lives. I am here to consult, to console, to empathize, to coach, to teach and to encourage. I write scripts for my patients when these medications truly make sense and are likely to do more good than harm. If you don’t like this particular medication after a reasonable try, or for any reason, we can look for something else. People are just so very unique that there is no one recipe that covers all people who have the same issue. Throwing pills at people like darts at a dartboard, while treating patients like just another burrito in a long line of burritos at the burrito factory is no way to live life as a doctor. 

When I decided to get off the “medical conveyor belt” (stop working in high volume clinics) and start my own practice, I knew that I couldn't be everybody's doctor. I focus on serving those people whom I believe I can actually help. Sorry, I do not provide 24 hour crisis counseling, conversion therapy, medical marijuana, methadone or Xanax.  I have no staff and my nearly-paperless office is plain and simple. I turn off my phone at night so I can sleep. This keeps me sane and cheerful. I am seeing patients using video technology during the pandemic and most people find this very easy to use. It also saves time for patients, offers increased privacy, and is very convenient.


By focusing on each unique person who comes to me for authentic psychiatry, I get to work with super cool people and have fun with them. I enjoy teaching patients to be kinder and more respectful toward themselves. All humans are naturally worthwhile people who find it easier to succeed when they find an environment that allows them to make use of their spiritual gifts. I like helping people create this environment for themselves. 


Maybe you understand the mind body connection is important, that medication can help but doesn’t cure everything, and you are willing to address the thoughts, beliefs and habits that create dis-ease or wellness. Maybe you see mental health as a journey and not a quick-fix. Perhaps you are seeking a one to one trusting relationship with your doctor, to work on goals and objectives that make sense for you. If you’re ready to talk, I’m ready to listen. Welcome to Whole Human Psychiatry. 


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