Here are some other amazing physicians and healers you may be interested in.


Ideal Medical Care by Pamela Wible

Pamela Wible MD is the doctors’ guardian angel, leading the fight for patient wellness through physician liberation. I joined Pamela’s underground network of escaped doctors in 2018 and encourage all patients and healers everywhere to stand up for Healthcare by standing up for Human Rights. Call “Burnout” by its real name, Human Rights Abuse. Get off the medical conveyor belt. Join the revolution!

Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay

Dr Robyn Alley-Hay is a physician, physician coach and consultant and the Director of Women's Health Hands On Global Inc. She’s a trusted friend and respected colleague.  She devotes her time to coaching doctors through their fears when she’s not traveling to Tibetan Buddhist communities in the Himalayas, as a women’s health physician volunteer, or hanging out with her daughter and sons, in Montana and elsewhere.

Free Range Psychiatry by Kendra Campbell

Kendra Campbell MD of Free Range Psychiatry offers physician consulting for psychiatrists who are interested in escaping big box medicine by setting up their own independent practice, and can do consulting work by telehealth, for doctors in any state. She sees patients in Virginia, New York, and North Carolina, when she’s not doing interviews with the New York Post, preparing plant based meals or taking pictures of her gorgeous supermodel baby.

Dr. Bolde

Medical trainees: Ever wonder  what is meant by the terms “gaslighting”, “pimping”, “king-making” or “throwing under the bus”?  This straight forward, public service blog will make these terms perfectly clear. It is compiled by a former surgery resident who barely escaped a malignant residency program with her mind in one piece because she would not consider playing sexual power politics. Sexism has many manifestations and their unified purpose is to oppress. Her blog shines a light on them by defining them with words. Please check out her concise analysis of the terms and dynamics operating within our current medical industrial complex. And please note that reaching out to her doesn’t set up a doctor patient relationship, nor should she be held liable if she gives you advice on how to handle your political situation in your residency. Come together to call out sexist double standard bullshit in your training program and in your medical workplace!

Katy Hartman MD

Katy Hartman MD is a family physician who operates her small, patient centered independent medical clinic in Laramie, Wyoming. She uses a confidential virtual office platform that allows her to care for patients in her rural community using telehealth, in addition to office based face to face visits. She’s into collaborative, up to date, relationship driven medicine and urges others to join the unhurried medicine movement! 

Melinda Toney MD

Melinda Toney MD is a gifted multidimensional healing facilitator who sees patients in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Hers is a truly integrative medicine practice dedicated to helping her patients become their most positive, whole and vibrant selves though body-mind tools.

Sydney Ashland

Healthcare Professionals! Do you need help…

Dealing with a toxic workplace, Physician PTSD, Anxiety or Depression? Maneuvering strategies for difficult residency programs? Determining if you need legal advice or a strategy shift? They you need Sydney Ashland. Sydney is a Medical Practice Consultant and Certified Professional Coach with 20+ years experience using her unique Rapid Pattern Integration Technique and proven business strategies to effect permanent change in physicians’ lives. She’s a physicians therapist with the best of both worlds. Precise tangible business savvy and an extraordinary gift of intuitive empathy. There is no one else in the world like Sydney.