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Human Psychiatry

Psychiatry for Smart People

Lisa E Goldman, MD, MSW
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist


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Frequently Asked Questions

First Psychiatry Appointment? What to Expect

People often ask me what they should expect during their first psychiatrist appointment. Watch my video to learn about what you can expect on your first visit with me. 

How I Approach Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Anxiety and Depression are both complex issues that require delicate care and often occur at the same time. In this video, Dr. Goldman gives a quick summary on her approach for treating theses common conditions.


About My Practice

Hi! I’m Dr Goldman. Welcome to Whole Human Psychiatry! I specialize in caring for the needs of smart creative people living with ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar spectrum disorders, and life stressors such as jobs, relationships, divorce and other slaps in the face. I speak Spanish and enjoy helping working adults, students, teachers, janitors, artists, engineers, legal, educational and health care professionals, people of color, gender non-conformists and other unique and interesting people. 

By using current, evidence based psychiatry and asking intuitively relevant and precise questions while listening deeply, I help my patients get off their useless or harmful medications. We look at food, sleep, relationships, spirituality and your self-limiting beliefs if you have any. I am careful to prescribe using the safest, least harmful, most effective and most affordable options we can find. What works for some may not work for all, and so we will keep trying until we find your unique combination. People suffer in ways that are unique. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to psychiatry. 

Among the most common mental health mistakes people make are...  Continue Reading > 


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“Dr Lisa, Thank you so much for all the information. Just wanted to drop you a text in letting you know how much I truly love working with you and all that you do! I’ve never met a Dr. that goes as far as you do with their patients. We should have a Dr. G appreciate day, truly cause without you none of this would happen. So thank you Dr Lisa. Have a good day, See you soon!”

- Gisele

Dr. Goldman, Why don't you take insurance?

Why go see a doctor that doesn't take insurance?

People ask me all the time if I take insurance. The answer is, no I don't. I love spending quality time with my patients and insurance won't allow me to do that. Nobody explains patient centered medical care better than my friend and mentor, Pamela Wible, MD. She is the founder of the Ideal Medical Care Movement.
Viewer warning: this video contains rubber duckies.



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